My summer vacation in Europe is coming to a close and, after consuming more than my fair share of gelato, I wanted to share one particular memory with you. Two weeks ago, I granted my wife one wish and took her to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy. (Curiously, I was with my Mom in Germany three years ago and she was just begging me to take her to the BMW factory and museum – what’s with these ladies?)

As a long-time Formula 1 fan and car lover, I was as excited as a small child at Christmas. So many beautiful and important cars – this was much art gallery as it was a museum. One of the exhibits that really struck me, were all the Championship Formula 1 cars that were driven by Michael Schumacher.

Here I am with one of them:

I must confess – it was a bittersweet moment. On one hand, I was so happy to be next to a car I had watched on television, and surrounded by some of the most incredible cars on earth. And yet, I was also saddened by my thoughts of what has happened to its driver.

You may know that Michael experienced a very severe brain injury while skiing with his family in late 2013. In December of that year, he was placed in a coma for over a year and his injuries have been described in the press as “traumatic”. From what I have read in the press, there is very little expectation for a recovery.

He has experienced unparalleled success and amassed immense wealth while exposing himself to catastrophic risk driving racing cars at breakneck speeds for over three decades. And nearly everything was taken from him during his retirement while skiing down a hill with his children.

Michael and I are about the same age, and perhaps this is one of the reasons I have always been a fan. He lived a life I could only dream of – and while I am admiring his incredible career and amazing cars, he lies in a hospital bed in his home in Switzerland.

As a seven time World Champion, five of which came driving for Ferrari, Michael Schumacher was not only one of the most successful drivers of all time, he is also perhaps the wealthiest, with a fortune estimated to be over $500 million US.

Today, it is estimated that his care since his accident cost over $10 million and currently costs almost $100,000 per week.

Life has movement. Things happen. Even the rich and famous are not exempt.

So, along with coming home rested, I’m also coming back with a renewed sense of what’s important and what I’m working for. We must prepare for all that life has to offer: to really enjoy and celebrate when things go well, and make sure we have solid plans in place for the times they don’t.

Andrea, Pedro, Nick and I are completely committed to ensuring you and your family has both. As always, thank you for your continued trust and confidence. We’re grateful for our relationship. And stay tuned – we have a lot of things in store for you this fall!

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